The OPIS RetailSuite draws from our extensive database of 3.5 million gasoline and diesel prices reported by nearly 140,000 outlets in North America. This same deep well of data informs the expert insight and analysis we provide the retail market in a variety of easy-to-access formats and channels.


2019 Summer Driving Season Recap
Get an exclusive look at fuel retailers margin performance this past summer driving season. Download this free recap.

Interactive Infographic: Retail fuel market share, margins and volumes
This quick read shines the light on a particular state’s retail performance. See which one …

2018 Driving Season Preview
OPIS provides a comprehensive look at fuel data and examines the factors that will steer prices this driving season

Focus: Orlando, Florida
Orlando is still the toughest retail gasoline market in Florida, with competition shaped by several aggressive players

Retail 360
A complete visual breakdown of how gasoline retailers across the country entered 2018

Hurricane Harvey Retail Aftermath
30-day Gasoline Price Swings Since 2005

Behind The Battle For Octane
What you need to know as the refining, agricultural and auto industries gear up to vie for their piece of a multi-billion dollar market

Q2 Retail Roundup 2017
Retail gasoline station performance in Q2 2017

Winter 2017 Retail Report Card
The winter of 2016-2017 was a harsh one for most gasoline retailers due to attrition in volume and margins


7 Irresistible Pitches to Build Loyalty at Your Gas Station & C-Store
If you’ve set up a loyalty club program at your gas station or c-store and email your customers promotions, you may be struggling to get folks to open up your offers – and act on them. Here are some tips!

3 Reasons U.S. West Coast Gas & Diesel Prices Are Prone to Volatility
The U.S. West Coast spot gasoline and diesel market is no stranger to dramatic price increases. But, what uniquely makes this market tick?

7 Trends Shaping Gas Station Profitability in 2019
OPIS just released a free special report on the Top 15 Petroleum Marketing Trends of 2019. Here’s a sample of some of the things you’ll learn.

2019 Gasoline and Diesel Prices by Market
Oil price futures are poised for a volatile 2019, if the end of 2018 is any indication. What will that mean for gas and diesel prices at the spot and wholesale level?

Retail Fuel Industry Gift Guide: Top Products from 2018 Trade Shows
See some of the hottest products featured at retail fuel and convenience industry trade shows throughout 2018.

Gasoline Retailers Find the Big Inning with Price
October was a manic month for retail fuel. See what companies dominated the field when it came to margins.

Retail Gasoline Market Snapshot Q3 2018
The third quarter of 2018 showed improvement in retail gasoline price margin performance compared to a year ago. Here are all the details.

What Makes Gasoline Prices Go Up & Down?
Discover some of the key factors that move gasoline prices up or down.

What Petroleum Marketers Need to Know About Mobile Device Fraud
Just when oil marketers may be getting wise to phishing campaigns – another worrisome tactic has emerged: SMiShing.

Retail Gasoline & Diesel Prices See Difficult Spring Profit Margins
OPIS data suggested that for most fuel marketers the spring season was a more challenging 93 days than what has become standard in recent years

Retail Fuel Station Acquisitions Still Red-Hot: Thorntons for Sale?
Mergers & acquisitions have changed the face of the modern retail fuel marketplace. It’s a trend that appears here to stay

Pricing 101: Demystifying Retail Fuel Prices and Players
The retail portion of the fuel chain is the most visible to the general public and likely the most complex to navigate

Top 10 Downstrean Oil Industry Stories of 2017
Stories hand-picked by OPIS editorial experts for the most impact on the industry

5 Essential Tips For Petroleum Marketers in 2018
This year stands to be one of dynamic growth for U.S. petroleum

Why Top-Tier Gasoline Is More Than Just Hype
Top-Tier gasoline, containing detergent additives aided at reducing gunk in your engine, actually seems to work

Post-Petroleum World Hinges On China Electric Car Market
The Netherlands is the latest country to set a date for the demise of the internal combustion engine